Southbound I-81 / Mt. Jackson Exit 273

1982 Fairway Drive
Basye, VA 22810
(540) 856-2121 (phone)
(540) 856-8567 (fax)

3  Approaching Mt. Jackson/Basye Turn
Straight 75 yards to Mt. Jackson/Basye turn. Stay in right lane. Look for Mt. Jackson water tower shown in photo background.
4  Right: Exit 273 to Mt. Jackson/Basye
1ST TURN: Right 120 yards on Exit 273 to Rt. 292 towards Mt. Jackson/Basye.
5  Left: on Rt. 292 East to Mt. Jackson
2ND TURN: Left (east) 300 yards on Rt. 292 to Rt. 11. Gas stations available after turn. Cross railroad track before next turn.
6  Right: on Route 11 South
3RD TURN: Right (south) 1.3 miles on Rt.11 to Rt. 263 West. Cross railroad tracks prior to turn. Stay alert - train is active!
7  Right: on Route 263 West to Basye
4TH TURN: Right (west) 11 miles on Route 263 towards Basye. Turn is 50 yards after Rt.11 South/Rt 263 West sign.
8  Approaching Bryce Resort - Landmark
Entrance to Bryce Resort is 75 yards after bridge. Stay alert during inclement weather.
9  Right: Bryce Resort Entrance - Rt. 836
5TH TURN: Right 1.5 miles on Rt. 836 to stop sign adjacent Bryce Resort parking lot. Please observe speed limit and drive safely.
10  Welcome to Bryce Resort !
Parking lot is straight ahead. Please review sign across from stop sign for additional information.
11  Bryce Resort - Parking Lot
1. Main Lodge
2. Ski Cafeteria
3. Ski Check-In and Rental

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